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7th March 2016 - 12:30pm

Manufacturer warranties help to protect homeowners from expensive repairs, making them an important selling point and often helping installers to secure a sale. By explaining the obligations that warranties carry at the installation stage, installers have a further opportunity to ensure a steady revenue stream throughout the rest of the year. Here, Paul Clancy, managing director at Baxi Potterton Myson, explains.

A boiler is a significant purchase for most homeowners, and for installers helping them to make their choice, a boiler that comes with a substantial, free manufacturer warranty can indeed help to clinch the sale.

As all installers know, there are specific rules that apply to each warranty - depending on the product and the manufacturer’s guidelines - that the customer must adhere to in order to ensure its validity. But with most householders only paying mind to the warranty when a problem occurs, the onus is on the installer to raise awareness of the requirements, so their customers can engage with them from the word go.

When talking the customer through the product package, installers should, as a matter of course, explain what the warranty covers to ensure that they fully understand the rules, particularly those relating to servicing and parts. Understandably, not all homeowners will be aware that their boiler requires an annual service to keep them under warranty, or that their boiler’s warranty must be registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation.

Explaining this will not only leave them feeling confident that they have been provided with all the information they need to ensure their warranty remains intact, but will also give installers the opportunity to highlight what support they can offer for the duration of the warranty period and beyond.

When explaining servicing requirements, it is important to stress that customers should only ever allow a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) to carry out any work on their boiler, and explain the reasons why. It is also worthwhile outlining what they should look for in a service, helping them to shop smart.

Another key issue to point out is the importance of making sure only approved genuine parts from the manufacturer are used during any servicing and maintenance work. This is particularly relevant where a warranty warns of invalidity if any parts other than those approved by the manufacturer are used.

Most large manufacturers will send their approved or loyal installers a notification when their customer’s boiler is due its next service, allowing them time to get in contact with the customer and offer their services before they go looking elsewhere. With this in mind, joining a manufacturer loyalty programme will pay dividends, helping to ensure the customer relationship continues.

Finally, when explaining warranties and service obligations to customers, underline that regular servicing is crucial for their safety. Carbon Monoxide poisoning poses a deadly risk, so reinforcing the message is a must.

Manufacturer warranties are a key sales tool, but while they can help secure installation work, supporting customers in understanding how they can keep their warranty valid should be a cornerstone of the conversation. As well as keeping customers protected from dangerous and costly events in the future, it will also foster trust with the installer, ensuring a positive relationship and improving future business prospects.

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