Our Baxiest boilers yet are here!

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We’re delighted to introduce the new Baxi 800,600 and 500 Combi and System 2 – our Baxiest boilers yet. 

We’ve kept the bits we know our installers love:  

  • Lightweight ≤30kg  

  • Fits in a 290mm-deep cupboard 

  • Built-in pipes behind facility within the boiler casing ∙ 

  • Brass hydraulics and a stainless steel heat exchanger  

  • 10-year parts and labour warranty 

  • Adey MagnaClean Micro2 filter with the Baxi 800 range 

But more importantly we’ve also added some amazing new features to make these our Baxiest boilers yet including: 

  • Pre-heated siphonic condensate trap which prevents freezing and engineer call outs in winter 

  • Combined PrV and separate primary boiler drain facilitating quicker and easier maintenance 

  • All models can be manually converted from natural gas to LPG without the need for an additional kit 

  • Colour coded and removable wiring blocks to create an easier installation 

  • The Baxi 800 System 2 also includes a NEW higher 30kW system boiler within the compact casing. 

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting new range, please contact your local ASM to discuss further or visit here.